QualityVision is a flexible partner. Our work are based on our customers' requirements their approach as well as resources.

Why choose QualityVision?

QualityVision offers consulting services and courses in medical device, Pharma and biotech as well as subcontractors to these industries



  • does not come with a ready-made package solution. The effort is adapted so that it takes into account and incorporates the competencies, experiences and resources available to the customer.

  • organizes the documentation and takes co-responsibility for customers living up to what they need

  • guarantees that value is created in the activities carried out and that it is anchored in the company

  • keeps us informed of developments in standards and regulatory requirements, and we continuously develop our competencies 

QualityVision wants to give our customers the best possible advice on the requirements and trends that are now and in the future.


How do we create success together?


Many years of experience means that QualityVision has a healthy and pragmatic approach, this creates a balance between living up to legal requirements and running a business.

We ensure that the task is solved in close dialogue and cooperation with the customer, by listening to the customer and asking questions so we ensure that the customer's wishes are understood.

Ongoing dialogue and feedback is an important factor.


The good teamwork



QualityVision collaborates with many freelance consultants and consulting companies.

If your task is not described on our homepage, you are welcome to contact us anyway.

If QualityVision can not handle the task, we can probably recommend someone else who can.

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