About Us

Who is QualityVision?

I started QualityVision in 2019 with more than 25 years of experience in the life science and biotech industry.

Since 2001 I have worked with medical equipment both in Denmark and Internationally.

In my career, I have held various positions and worked in both small and large companies. Characteristic, however, is that they have all been based on quality and quality improvements.

In the past, I have been associated with consulting companies and had great personal pleasure and development by working on assignments and projects at various companies.

QualityVision's customers are typically:

  • Manufacturers of medical devices
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Suppliers to the life science industry (eg raw materials, packaging materials or services)
  • Companies that are subject to ISO 9001

Why choose QualityVision?

Quality Vision is a flexible partner that is based on customers' requirements and approach and resources.


  • does not come with a ready-made package solution. The effort is adapted so that it takes into account and incorporates the competencies, experiences and resources available to the customer.
  • organizes the documentation and takes co-responsibility for customers living up to what they need
  • guarantees that value is created in the activities carried out and that it is anchored in the company
  • keeps us informed of developments in standards and regulatory requirements, and we continuously develop our competencies

QualityVision wants to give our customers the best possible advice on the requirements and trends that are now and in the future.


Quality Vision works professionally and flexible, and we create the trust that translate knowledge into practical action and durable solutions tailored to your business.

We are a consulting company that makes a difference for our customers and want to become a preferred partner.

Creating value for money every time.

QualityVision Konsulent til medical device pharma og biotek
QualityVision Konsulent til medical device pharma og biotek


Quality Vision wants to be your company's preferred and reliable partner, both now and in the future.

Our values

  • Quality

  • Customer focus

  • Trustworthiness
QualityVision Konsulent til medical device pharma og biotek


  • We ensure that the task is solved to the right quality
  • Quality for us is when the customer's expectations are met
  • Highest priority is that the customer feels economy and the solution of the task balance
  • Expect a little more!

Customer focus

  • We listen to the customer and ask questions so we ensure that the customer's wishes are understood
  • We ensure that the task is solved in close dialogue and cooperation with the customer
  • We anchor the task in the customer's organization so that knowledge and learning are not lost


  • We keep appointments and deliver high quality results

  • We create trust through dialogue-based cooperation and respect people and different opinions, as well as provide honest and constructive feedback

  • We say no to tasks that we do not believe we can solve!